Le Trader
French Restaurant - Organic & More
Haute cuisine from South of France
lunch special
Croquette Fromage et Champignon 16
mushroom and cheese croquettes with red cabbage salad
Tuna Nicoise 16
sesame crusted seared tuna, potato, greens, olives & soft boiled egg
Douzaine D'Escargots a la Bourguignon 18
Dozen Snails seasoned in Garlic and Herb Butter
Steak Tartare 18
Riverina hand cut beef eye fillet mixed with condiments (add raw egg yolk $2)
Saint Jacques a l'Ail 20
Grilled Garlic Scallops, Chilli, Mushroom & Artichokes
Vegetarienne Crepe Camembert V 15
camembert, spinach, mushrooms & onions
Le Traders Crepe 17
buckwheat flour crepe filled with prawns, greens mushroom and goats cheese
Parmentier de Canard 24
deboned grilled fish of the day
poisson du jour 24
deboned grilled fish of the day
Boeuf Bourguignon 24
beef bourguignon, cabernet reduction, bacon, mushrooms & baby carrots
Filet de Boeuf 28
180g of beef eye fillet served with herbs potatoes, green beans, parsnip crisps (Extra $3 in 2 and 3 course specials)
Sorbet & Ice cream Selection 10
Served with macadamia & chocolate crumb
Creme Brulee Aux Carambar 12
Apple And Toffee Creme Brulee
Strawberry and Maple Syrup Crepe 12
Caramel, Banana & Apple Sorbet Crepe 12
Burgers & Baguettes
Double Smoked Leg Ham 10
Doubled smoked ham, tomato and cheese on baguette
Proscuitto & Brie 10
tomato and rocket on baguette
Smoked Salmon & Avocado 12
on baguette
Chicken Burger with chips 14
Beetroot, rocket, prosciutto & seeded dressing
Salmon Burger with chips 14
Beetroot, rocket, orange zest & lemon dressing
Beef Burger with chips 15
with prosciutto, lettuce, chips and bleu cheese sauce