Le Trader
French Restaurant - Organic & More
Haute cuisine from South of France
Souffle Trois Fromage 18
twice baked three cheese soufflle, grapes & chervil salad
Croquette De Chevre 16
goats cheese croquettes with celeriac salad
steak tartare 18
120g of riverina hand cut beef eye fillet mixed with condiments (raw egg .add $2)
crevettes a l'ail et piment 18
grilled garlic prawns, chilli, fried leek
douzaine d'escargots a la bourguignon 16
dozen snails seasoned in garlic and herb butter
carpaccio de saint jacques 20
scallops carpaccio, cocktail onions, capers & tomato and lime vinaigrette
assiette de canard 28
foie gras, duck a l'armagnac terrine, dried duck breast and rhubarb 3 ways
filet de boeuf et pannais 42
250g of beef eye fillet, green beans, parsnip crisps and sauce of your choice (sauces: roquefort cheese, red wine, green peppercorn)
Magret De Canard 34
duck breast fillet served with kale, quinoa & sultanas and walnut salad
carre d'agneau 38
roasted rack of lamb, green peas puree & petit pois
poitrine de poulet 29
Grilled chicken breast with vermouth creamed legumes and brocolini
parmentier de canard 32
pulled duck leg pie served with asparagus and green peppercorn sauce
Poisson Du Jour MarketPrice
Deboned Grilled Fish Of The Day
Poitrine De Porc 32
pork belly confit, roasted vegetables, cauliflower puree
Crepe Sarazin 22
Buckwheat Flour Crepe Filled With Camembert Cheese, Mushroom, Onion, Spinach, Chestnut Sauce
accompagnements / side dishes 8
Mixed Leaves Salad
Vegetable Ratatouille
Rosemary Roasted Potatoes
Hand Cut Mixed Chips
Rocket, Walnut, Pear And Manchego Salad
crepes suzette 13
Fondant Au Chocolat 14
chocolate fondant served with macadamia crumble and raspberry ice cream
Creme Brulee Aux Carambar 12
Toffee And Apple Creme Brulee
Assiette Of Apple 16
Apple & Caramel Brulee, Crepe Normande, Apple Sorbet, Apple Jelly & Macadamia Crumble
Cafe Gourmand 15
Dessert Trio With Coffee
trio de fromage 25
cheese trio
Profiteroles 15
Chocolate profiteroles with creme patissiere, orange and Grand Marnier cream and blood orange sorbet
Dessert Wines
2009 Olivier Bernadet "Chateau Roumieu" 14
Grand Vin De Bordeaux, Sauternes
Cuvee Du Dr Parce, Domaine Du Mas Blanc 14
Banyuls.Grenache Noir (Banyuls, Fr)